12 Days of Jesus - Day 10: The Calm Before The Storm

    12.21.18 | by Joe Dascenzo

    Warm Up

    Read Mark 4:35-41 and underline what stands out to you.

    Round 1

    Spend a few minutes thinking about what is robbing and ruining the peace in your life right now. Write down as many of these things as you can. 

    Round 2

    Pray this prayer:"Jesus, I'm like the disciples. I have storms of my own that I am trying to survive. Look at my list of things that are stressing me out. The wind and waves are crashing around me. They still respond to You. Help me trust Your voice. I give these things to You and trust You with them. Help me have the confidence that you can still bring peace in the midst of my storms."

    Round 3

    The disciples were nearly swamped when they were in the boat with Jesus. Social media, texts and email can cause us to feel swamped. Make a commitment to give up your phone for a certain amount of time today. Choose how long you want to give it up and write it down. You make the rules. Maybe you answer it if it rings but avoid checking it every two minutes. Set it aside. Put it away. Create some space and peace in your schedule today.

    Burn Out

    Take a 15 minute walk outside. Don't bring your phone. Spend your time looking and listening for the peace of God in your surroundings and in your heart.