12 Days of Jesus - Day 12: Joy Filled Moments

    12.23.18 | by Joe Dascenzo

    Warm Up

    Pray: "God, this season has been so busy for everyone. Help me to set aside all the lists and worries and stress so I can focus on being in every moment today. Cause the things that are weighing me down to be lifted off of my mind so I can be present with others today. The moments you give me are priceless. Help me to discover the joy in every single one!"

    Round 1

    This season is full of opportunities to create moments if we are looking for them. Make a list of the people you expect to see today. Make the distinct choice to be present with them.

    Round 2

    Put your phone down or even turn it off. Spend the day focused on listening (even laughing) and trying to find the joy of learning someone else's story. Jesus did this for us when He came to earth. But before you put your phone down, make note of the Burn Out...

    Burn Out

    Read Luke 2:1-20 out loud with someone today—with just one other person or a whole group of people.