12 Days of Jesus - Day 8: Hope Again

    12.19.18 | by Joe Dascenzo

    Warm Up:
    Pray: "Jesus, your arrival on earth was a manifestation of Your name—"Emmanuel, God with us." Thank you for being with me and for making a way for me to be a child of God. I have light and I have hope. Help me to live out of this truth today and every day."

    Round 1:
    Write out Mathew 1:22-23.

    Round 2:
    Read John 1:9-13. The name Mary gave to Jesus, Emmanuel, meant "God with us." Write out "God is with ME. I have hope." 10 times.

    Round 3:
    Set a timer and sit quietly for 10 minutes. Consider what it means for God to be with you. Finish this statement: "If God is with me then ____________." Fill in the blank and write down as many things as come to mind.

    Burn Out:
    Worship to this song at this link and continue to write things down that come to mind for Round 3.