12 Days of Jesus - Day 9: Preparing the Way

    12.20.18 | by Joe Dascenzo

    Warm Up:
    Pray: "God, before Jesus was born you called John to prepare the way. You want to use me to prepare the way for others too. I'm on board. Please open doors and give me opportunities to show others Your love and prepare the way for You to move in their lives. Give me eyes to see these opportunities. Use me today."

    Round 1:
    Read Matthew 3:1-6. Then write out Isaiah 40:3.

    Round 2:
    John the Baptist was, well, you could say, unique. So are you. Write down 3 things that are unique about you and why you think God made you this way.

    Round 3:
    The birth of John the Baptist echoes the birth of Isaac to Abraham and Sarah. Read Genesis 21:1-7. Then read Luke 1:57-66.

    Burn Out:
    Set a timer for 10 minutes and sit in complete silence. Think about what God is calling you to this season. Write down what comes to mind. Try to put words to what God is uniquely doing in your life.