Day 12 - Just Do It

    01.19.18 | by 40 Day Team

    Pray: “Lord, this world is a crazy place. Things that used to shock me no longer do. I've become distracted and desensitized to the needs of my brothers and sisters as the world’s loud voice tells me to focus on myself. Jesus, wake me up! Shake me up! Equip and empower me to seek out needs and serve them in Your name, giving You the glory.”

    Round 1:
    Read Hebrews 1:1-3 and I Peter 4:9-11.

    Round 2:
    Write down the word COMPLAINTS and the word GRACE. Look back on yesterday (or today) and think about how many times you complained – to yourself or others. Under the word COMPLAINTS make a list of your complaints. Under the word GRACE make a list of how many times you showed grace to someone – a kind word to a co-worker, a prayer on behalf of the stressed out driver cutting everyone off, a 100% tuned in listening ear for a friend or spouse who needed to talk, a dollar and a smile for the homeless guy on the corner by the train station. Did you complain more or show grace more?

    Round 3:
    Look at your list again and consider the opportunities you had to give grace, especially to strangers. Followers of Jesus get a bad rap for being judgmental and hypocritical. Take a few moments to pray (by name if possible) for the people who missed out on your gracious hospitality. Pray for God to bless them and to give you another opportunity to serve them or others like them this week.

    Your church offers ways for you to show grace and hospitality to others. Pay careful attention this weekend to ways that people at your church are showing grace to you. How could you plug in and do your part?

    • Welcome people as they enter?
    • Work the coffee bar?
    • Spend a service in the kids area helping?
    • Set out or stack up chairs?
    • Invite a friend/neighbor to worship with you?
    • Spend the worship greeting time talking with people you’ve never met before?

    We all have different gifts, but we all can show God’s grace through those gifts. Write down one way you can offer hospitality at your church and talk to a leader this weekend about how to sign up to make that happen. Just get involved. Just do it!