Day 13 - Simplify

    01.20.18 | by 40 Day Team

    Warm Up
    Pray: “Heavenly Father, sometimes life is extremely complicated. Way more than it needs to be. Jesus, when you walked the Earth, you lived a simple life. Show me where I have over-complicated life and help me simplify where I can. Living with less is a discipline I need to focus on in my life because it shows that You are enough for me. The real key for me is seeing that what really matters in my life.”

    Round 1
    Read Isaiah 40:3 and Matthew 3:1-6.

    Round 2
    Look up and write out the definition of the word FRUGAL.

    Round 3
    John the Baptist led a simple life and introduced Jesus to the world. Write down and finish the following statements:

    • If I simplified my schedule, I would use the extra time to _______.
    • If I lowered the amount of money I spend, I would use the savings to __________.
    • If I sorted the things I own, I would give the things I don’t need to _________.

    Burn Out
    Consider which area you could tackle to simplify your life. Maybe it’s simplifying your schedule. Maybe it’s cleaning out your closet. Maybe it’s cleaning out your refrigerator. Pick a spot and figure out how to live with less. Set a time in the next day to tackle this project. Ask for help if it will get you going. Give away anything you can.