Day 14 - Abraham

    12.10.17 | Advent by Joe Dascenzo

    Pray: “Father, your plan was set in motion long ago. When you spoke back in Genesis, You knew that I would need a savior and began to unfold Your plan to bring Jesus to the world. Help me see that I am the beneficiary of the ancient word given to Abraham. My blessing is the new life I have because of Jesus. This blessing isn’t one for me to hide or keep to myself. I am blessed to bless others. Spark a confidence in me like Abraham—I may never know the impact I have on someone else!"

    Round 1
    Read Genesis 12:1-4 and Acts 3:24-26.

    Round 2
    Get alone. Nobody around. Sit quietly before God and rest. Set a timer for 10 minutes and start it. Close your eyes. Slow down your breathing. Listen to your breathing. Thank God for every heartbeat He gives you. If you fall asleep, you’re tired. Embrace it. When you wake up, go to round 3. If this is hard to do, remember, that’s why you’re doing it.

    Round 3
    Worship God while you listen to “All the Poor and Powerless” at this link. 

    How will you share God’s love and bless your neighbors?—Those in your family; those that live near you; those that you work with. Yesterday you asked God for ideas. Now make a plan to reach out to them in some way. Maybe you will invite them over to your home for coffee. Maybe you will invite them to dinner. Maybe you will deliver a fresh batch of cookies to their door. Write down what you will do and when you will do it!

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