Day 15 - Rejection

    12.11.17 | Advent by Joe Dascenzo

    Pray: “Lord, Jesus was rejected by the world when He was on earth. Even so, you elevated Him to become the cornerstone that my faith is built upon. Without Him, I have no business even speaking to You. But I am not on the outside looking in. You have invited me into Your kingdom and I want to accept Your invitation. As Your child, I want to bear good fruit—so empower me by Your Holy Spirit to make a difference in this world. Help me turn my feelings of rejection into fuel for doing good."

    Round 1
    Read Psalm 118:22-24 and Matthew 21:42-44 and Galatians 5:22-23.

    Round 2
    God took Jesus from being rejected to being accepted. He can transform you and your situation as well. Where have you been rejected by people? This rejection does not define you. Talk about this rejection with God. Choose something to give up today (TV, coffee, etc.) as a sign of your trust in God to turn the tables in your life like He did with Jesus.

    Round 3
    If you have surrendered your life to God, no matter what you may think or feel, you are not rejected by God. You are a child of God, accepted as one of His own. Write out the fruit of the Spirit from Galatians 5:22-23 and circle the three you need God to help you with most. Admit to God that you want these fruit to be evident in your life.

    Are all of your Christmas gifts accounted for? If you still need to get a gift for people on your list, decide when you will have your list completed. If you have all the gifts you need, determine when you will wrap them. As you look over the list and the gifts, pray for each person and that they would see the marvelous things God has done for them through Jesus. Pray that God would give them a soft heart and accept His invitation into His Kingdom. Consider inviting them to a meal and to attend your church with you.

    15 Days Until Christmas