Day 16 - Firm Steps

    01.23.18 | by 40 Day Team

    Warm Up
    Pray: “God, I want You to set the course, direction and plan for my life. Starting today, and from now on, help me submit to Your plan instead of asking You to bless my plan. May the desires of my heart be acceptable and pleasing to You! I want to delight in You.”

    Round 1
    Read Psalm 37:23-24. Think about your relationship with God. Write down three words that describe it best. 

    Round 2
    Pick one major area of your life you want to improve and what the current situation looks like. For instance, work may be an area, or family may be an area or finances may be an area.

    Round 3
    Envision what you would rather that area to look like. Pray about it and write down a future vision of that area that would really excite you and you believe would bring Glory to God.

    Make a bold commitment to moving toward that future vision. Write out a goal that you can hold yourself accountable to. Some examples:

    • Spiritual: Set aside [#] minutes in the morning, [#] days a week for reading and prayer starting [DATE].
    • Financial: Save an additional $____/____% from each paycheck for emergency fund starting [DATE].
    • Social: Schedule call with friend/family member [#] times each [WEEK/MONTH] starting [DATE].

    Pray over your commitment using Psalm 37:23 as a guide: “Lord, when it comes to my direction about _________, you are making my steps firm. Help me confidently move toward a better future that brings glory to Your name.”