Day 18 - Branches

    12.14.17 | Advent by Joe Dascenzo

    Pray: “Heavenly Father, how cool is it that you brought Jesus out of a dead-end family? But that’s how you do things. When the chips are down and the forecast is bleak, you come in to save the day. Your process might take more time or come in a different order than what I expect—but, I confess, You are working and bringing forth newness in my life—whether I see it or not. I trust that. I put my faith in that. I’m not going to call it quits. I’m going to trust that wisdom, understanding, solid counsel, strength, and knowledge are all mine in ever-increasing amounts because of Jesus. Do what you need to do in my heart today."

    Round 1
    Read Isaiah 11:1-3 out loud three times.

    Round 2
    Write down the stump in your life that you need God to spring forth with new life. What dead end do you need God to bring back to life? Where do you need to see fruit in your life? Jesus came to bring this new life, revive that dead end and cause fruit to grow. Re-write Isaiah 11:1 as a prayer to God: “Lord, make a shoot come up from the stump of my life; from those roots cause a Branch to bear fruit."

    Round 3
    The Holy Spirit was upon Jesus and continues to be with you. Write down the following list from Isaiah. What do you need most from the Holy Spirit today? Number them from 1-6 with 1 being what you need most and 6 being what you need least.

    • Wisdom 
    • Understanding
    • Counsel
    • Strength
    • Knowledge of God
    • Fear of God

    Take the list above and ask 2 different people to evaluate you in those areas. Yup. Get out of your comfort zone and get some feedback on your life from some trusted friends. How wise are you? How understanding are you? How well do you counsel others? How strong in faith are you? How well do you know God? How much do you fear God? Some of these might be hard for people to answer but that’s okay, go with it and see what you find. Circle the areas that receive the lowest scores and pray about those areas.

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