Day 19 - Kingdom

    12.15.17 | Advent by Joe Dascenzo

    Pray: “God, I am a citizen of Your kingdom, the Kingdom of light. I have an inheritance that I don’t deserve but get anyway. Open my eyes to all the depth and width of what this citizenship includes. Help me see that these Kingdom benefits are not for someday but for TODAY. Not only that, but the Kingdom is at hand for my friends and family. Your best intentions for them is for them to awaken to You and all You have for them. Help me bless those that try my patience. Help me to bless those that live far from me. Help me to bless those who feel rejected and alone. Help me to pray unstoppable prayers."

    Round 1
    Read Colossians 1:9-12. Underline everything that stands out to you and write out verse 9.

    Round 2
    Who in your life do you need to not stop praying for? Make a list of people that you will pray for every day.

    Round 3
    Make coffee or light a scented candle. As you sit before God, pray for each person by name on your list:

    • That [person’s name] would be filled with knowledge of God’s will.
    • That [person’s name] would receive wisdom and understanding from the Holy Spirit.
    • That [person’s name] would live a life worthy of the Lord.
    • That [person’s name] would please Him in every way.
    • That [person’s name] would bear fruit in good works.
    • That [person’s name] would grow in the knowledge of God.
    • That [person’s name] would be strengthened with power from God.
    • That [person’s name] would have great endurance and patience.
    • That [person’s name] would give joyful thanks to the Father.
    • That [person’s name] would awaken to the inheritance they have as citizens of the kingdom of light.
    • Now pray this entire list for yourself.

    Choose to give something away today that seems unreasonable to you. It could be money but it could also be something you own. You can give it to someone you know or a complete stranger. No strings attached. Write down what happens later in the day.