Day 2 - How

    11.28.17 | Advent by Joe Dascenzo


    Pray: “Lord, Your grace to Mary is so obvious. She was able to question how You would accomplish Your promise to Your people. I have a lot of questions about my life too. So many times I forget that You are okay with me asking questions. And in the midst of my questions Your word to me is unshakable. Help me to remember that no word from You will ever fail. Holy Spirit, lead me today and help me trust You the way Mary trusted You!"

    Round 1

    Read Luke 1:34-38 silently to yourself. Circle verse 37. Write out Proverbs 3:5-6.

    Round 2

    Listen to "Here as in Heaven" at this link.

    Round 3

    View Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting of today's reading [above] or at this link. Write down 3 things that you think Mary felt when the angel spoke to her.


    Write down HOW you will put Jesus first each day. Do this by completing your ideal daily schedule. If everything went perfectly, how would you want your day to go each day? You can write this out in your journal or download a PDF here to make it easy.  The key is blocking time for your Soul Workout every day. As you plan your schedule, confess to God that it probably won’t go as planned but make an unshakable commitment to completing the workout. Stay focused but yield your schedule to God every day, trusting He is with you.

    28 Days Until Christmas.