Day 2 - Surrender

    01.09.18 | by 40 Day Team

    Warm Up

    Pray: “God, I want to hear your voice more clearly. Sometimes hearing Your voice can seem like a mystical or impossible task, but I know and believe that it’s very possible for me. You have promised that Your sheep hear Your voice. I am one of Your sheep, so help me hear Your voice more clearly than ever.” 

    Round 1

    Read I Kings 19:11-15; John 10:27. Read the rest of the rounds first before starting round 2.

    Round 2

    Quietly listen to the song “I Surrender” here.

    Round 3

    Change your posture before God for the next two minutes. If you are sitting, stand up or kneel down. If you are standing, kneel down or sit. Make this change out of worship to God. In your new position, focus on God and His goodness. Don’t ask for anything, just be with God. Write down 5 things you are thankful to God for.


    Pray: “Father I love you. I love you for all you have done for me. Thank you for blessing me with (read your list from round 3) Father I love you, show me how you love me as I go through my day.”