Day 27 - Be Alert

    02.03.18 | by 40 Day Team

    Pray: “Lord, I hate to admit it, but you already know this – I’m a coward at heart. Maybe not all the time, but probably sometimes when I need to be most bold and speak out for you. I’m asking you, Lord, to make me bold and brave for you. Give me your words and your timing that I might seize the opportunities you give me to share the Good News about Jesus with people you put in my path.”

    Round 1
    Ephesians 6:18-20

    Round 2
    How can you be more alert? Alert to the Holy Spirit working in your life, alert to the people God puts in your path, alert to Jesus’ presence in this broken world. Take a minute to reflect on and write down where you may have an opportunity coming up to speak boldly about your faith in the next seven days.

    Round 3
    Great slogans have several things in common:

    • They’re memorable.
    • They promote a benefit.
    • They differentiate the brand.
    • They impart a positive vibe.

    Brainstorm a short slogan that captures your take on knowing Jesus or walking by faith and write it down. For a list of top slogans to get you thinking, go here. After you write down your slogan, read it out loud and pray this: “Lord, help me be more alert and live out these words speaking boldly for you.”

    Now write down your slogan on a notecard or post-it note and hang it up in a semi-public place where others might see it like your apartment/dorm room door, your office door, by your work computer or if you’re on social media, post it there. (Bonus points if you are super creative and can put a design to your slogan.) Either way, work daily on living out your slogan and be ready to share your faith story.