Day 28 - Encourage

    02.04.18 | by 40 Day Team

    Warm Up
    Pray: “God, you are faithful. You are my source of hope and love. Thank you for the network of people you have put around me. Help me realize how unique my network is and show me how I can bring light to the people in it. I want to be an encourager and a person who lifts up their friends.”

    Round 1
    Read Hebrews 10:23-25 and write out verse 24.

    Round 2
    Listen to the song Creed at this link As you listen to the lyrics, make a commitment to hold unswervingly to the convictions it speaks of.

    Round 3
    Who will you see today? Take 5 minutes to consider how you could encourage others toward love and good deeds today. Write down your ideas.

    Text 5 people an encouraging comment, an inspiring quote, a link to a helpful resource or just an insight you can share. Choose one person of the five and schedule a time to connect with them for coffee or a meal.