Day 3 - What

    11.29.17 | Advent by Joe Dascenzo

    Pray: “Lord, worship is what overflowed out of Mary’s heart after Gabriel left her. Her words focused on You and what You had done for Your people by sending Jesus. Despite her meager circumstances, she trusted You. I want to get better at describing the work You are doing in my life now and what I hope You will do in my life in the future. Give me words to describe how awesome you are.”

    Round 1
    Read Luke 1:46-55. Re-read verse 49 five times out loud. Write out 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18.

    Round 2
    What story do you want to tell about this season on December 26? Write out what you want God to do during this time in specific areas of your life by finishing these sentences:

    Over the next 27 days...

    • In my relationships, God please _____________________.
    • In my finances, God please _____________________.
    • In my job, God please _____________________.
    • In my health, God please  _____________________.
    • In my faith, God please _____________________.

    Round 3
    Write down HOW you will put Jesus first over the next 30 days. Do this by completing the 30 day calendar. It is page 2 of the PDF you can download here. Then...


    What are you willing to give up today as a sign of surrender to God? Maybe you will give up coffee (crazy!) or skip a meal or Netflix. Think about what you can give up today as an act of worship to God for the great things He has done in you and what He is doing in you now. This can also be a statement to God that you seriously want to see Him do the things you wrote down in Round 2. Write down what you decide to give up for God today. When you skip that thing, remember to briefly pray through your Round 2 list.

    27 Days Until Christmas