Day 33 - Adjust

    02.09.18 | by 40 Day Team

    Pray: “Thank you that You put people in our lives who walk with us, helping us to grow in our faith.  Open my eyes to how I can walk alongside someone giving strength, courage and Godly wisdom to them.  Also, open my eyes to those who are doing the same for me.”

    Round 1
    Read 2 Timothy 2:1-7. Write down what stands out to you about this passage.

    Round 2
    Paul passed on his knowledge on to Timothy. Write down one thing you have learned from someone that you could pass on to someone else. Write down who you could pass it on to. Write down when you plan to share this with them.

    Round 3
    Ask God for insight and write down some areas in your life that need adjustment to live more out of who God says you are:

    • Where have you become entangled in a situation you shouldn’t be?
    • Where have you bent the rules to get away with something or make it easier on yourself?
    • Where have you been lazy in your life?

    Call or email a trusted friend and ask for some accountability on the things you wrote down in Round 3. Pray that you would truly believe that God’s grace to you is real and that He has changed you. Ask God to continue to mature you in your faith.

    *Go back to Day 4…Have you finished it?  What you have learned?  How are you growing? What book could you read next?