Day 37 - Pleasing

    02.13.18 | by 40 Day Team

    Make a list of 3 things you do to please God. 

    Round 1
    Write out Hebrews 11:6 and then read Luke 18:9-14.

    Round 2
    Write down the word “Pharisee” on the left side of a page and “Tax Collector” on the right side of that page. Draw a line between the two words. Now think about which one you are more like. Draw an X along the line to show where on this spectrum you are. If you are more like the Pharisee, draw your X closer to that word. If you are more like the Tax Collector, draw your X closer to that word. If you are somewhere in-between, then, well, you get the idea!

    Round 3
    Go back to your list of things you do to please God. Circle each one of them out and write this next to your list: “None of this matters until I trust God first. Hebrews 11:6” 

    Pray: “Alright God, I’m needing your help. I’m tired of trying to be perfect. Right here, right now, I put my trust in what You say about me rather than what I say about me. I’m ready to trust who You say You are and who You say I am. I accept Your free gift of grace, knowing that there is nothing I can do to earn Your favor. All I can do is put my trust in You every day. As I trust You, You give me power over my struggles through the Holy Spirit. Thank you, God!”