Day 38 - Masks

    02.14.18 | by 40 Day Team

    Find a quiet place where you can be alone to do this workout. When you get there, write down 3 things you struggle with in your life. Then write down 3 things that other people have done to you to hurt you. Take your time.

    Round 1
    Read 2 Corinthians 3:16-18. Write out or underline the following words:

    • ANYONE
    • SPIRIT

    Round 2
    Sit silently for 60 seconds. After this, look at your list from the WARM-UP and circle the things on your list that you have hidden from other people. Write down why you have hidden these things.

    Round 3
    Sit silently for ANOTHER 60 seconds. After this, look at your list from the WARM-UP and determine at least one thing you need to share with a trusted, faithful friend. Plan to do it. Text them now and set up a time to hang out and be real. If you don’t have a friend that you trust this way, ask God to connect you to someone that could be that kind of friend.

    Pray: “Jesus, help me to be truthful with You and myself. Confirm in my heart that when I hide who I really am, nobody truly knows me. When I hide I never get to experience the love of others. When I hide I cannot love others well. When I hide I get stuck in my faith. I don’t want to hide behind a mask anymore. Please help me process the things I have done and the things that have been done to me—first with You and then with a trusted, faithful friend."