Day 39 - Your Dreams

    02.15.18 | by 40 Day Team

    Pray: “Lord, I have hopes and dreams for my life. I’ve buried some of them because I feel like they just aren’t possible. But You are the God of hope. Remind me of the fact that you have prepared many things for me to accomplish in my life. Show me what those things are and help me trust You with all of my life. Renew my trust in You. Fill my heart with hope. I want to glorify You with my life.”

    Round 1
    If you knew you couldn’t fail and money was not an obstacle, what is your dream for your life? Write down your answer.

    Round 2
    Write down Psalm 37:3-6. Read Ephesians 2:8-10 three times out loud.

    Round 3
    Write down at least 3 situations in your life that are out of your control and how you are trusting God within those situations. (Tip: think relationships, money, work, faith, health, etc.) Pray and declare your trust in God to Him.

    Round 4
    Listen to "Grace Alone" at this link.

    Reach out to two people today and ask them what their dream is for their life. Write down what they say and pray for those dreams specifically.