Day 4 - Rules or Risks

    11.30.17 | Advent by Joe Dascenzo

    Pray: “Heavenly Father, Joseph was a loyal follower of the law. He was doing all the right things and even planned to divorce Mary in the right way. But Your plan disrupted his life. Sometimes, I get caught up in following the rules rather than following You. I don’t want to be a quiet, polite, rule-follower. I want to be a risk-taker that trusts You in big ways. Holy Spirit, help me to hear Your gentle nudge to step out in faith when it seems like playing it safe is the right thing to do. If I follow You, I’ll be right where You want me to be.”

    Round 1
    Read Matthew 1:18-19. Write out Proverbs 16:9. Then write down the word RULES and the word RISKS. Circle the word that most describes your faith in God right now.

    Round 2
    In one sentence, how would you explain to someone the importance of the Christmas story if they didn’t know it? Look for moments throughout your day today to share this idea with people. Goal = risk sharing it with 3 people.

    Round 3
    Today, a team will be serving the homeless with Christ Cares ministries in Chicago Heights, Illinois. For 1 minute, pray for this team and ask God to help those who are struggling to have a revelation that God is very near to them—and the team serving them is evidence of that. Pray that many would come to faith in Jesus.

    If you haven’t already, make a list of all the people you want to give a Christmas gift to this year. If you know what you want to give them, add that next to their name. Pray for each person on your list, asking God to bless them. If gifts are purchased, place a check mark next to their name. If gifts are not purchased, mark down the day you will get their gifts together on the 30 Day calendar page.

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