Day 5 - Flex

    12.01.17 | Advent by Joe Dascenzo

    Pray: “Heavenly Father, Joseph is the ultimate example of flexibility. His life was on course and things were moving along. Then You broke through into His story and introduced him to a better one! My life is similar in some ways. You already know the hopes and plans I want to see happen—but I know You might have something better for me. I definitely want what You have for me. I’m asking You to increase my faith and trust in Your plan, even though it’s different or seems more difficult. Give me faith like Joseph!”

    Round 1
    Read Matthew 1:20-21 and Jeremiah 31:31-34.

    Round 2 
    Think about your life. What are the major moments in your life where things shifted or changed in a big way? Make a list of these moments and the dates they happened. Underline the moments that were related to your faith and relationship with God. Put a star next to the moments that were unexpected.

    Round 3
    Go back to Day 3, Round 2 and the requests you had for God in different areas of your life. Pray this confession: “Dear God, I confess that I often have an idea of what I want and how I want You to get me there. I surrender each of these areas to You and I want You to know that if you have something better for me in these areas than what I am thinking, I want that and I’ll be okay with it not going my way."

    With your eyes closed, sit silently, away from any distractions, for 5 minutes straight. Set a timer if you have to. As you sit before the Lord, try to clear your mind and just listen. Write down anything significant that comes to mind. Go longer than 5 minutes if you want to.

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