Day 6 - Now is Good

    12.01.17 | Advent by Joe Dascenzo

    Pray: “Lord, Joseph quickly obeyed You and endured being misunderstood and gossiped about. God, I want to be quick to obey You and not delay my decisions to follow You, even if it means I will be misunderstood. Holy Spirit, empower me to accomplish the plan God has prepared for me.”

    Round 1
    Read Matthew 1:22-25 and Psalm 119:57-60. Write down verse 60.

    Round 2
    What is one unhealthy habit that you need to stop doing? Stop doing it today. Worry about tomorrow later. Talk to God about it and ask Him for help to break this habit today.

    Round 3
    Joseph woke up and immediately obeyed God. What one thing do you know you need to do that you have been putting off? Do it today. Talk to God about it and ask Him for help to make this happen.

    Today, secretly do something kind or caring for someone without them knowing it. Maybe you buy the coffee for the person behind you at the drive-thru. Maybe you quietly pray for a family you see who is arguing at the store. Get creative and crazy! Make someone’s day but don’t let them know you did it.

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