Day 7 - New You

    01.14.18 | by 40 Day Team

    Pray: “Lord, just two weeks ago, the ball dropped, the fireworks went off, the champagne cork popped, the calendar page turned. It’s a new year and once again I’ve set some goals and made some promises that already I’m not sure I can keep. God, be patient with me, again. Remind me,  that in you, through you, because of you, I am made new. There is no greater gift than to know that my old self has passed away and that you don’t hold my past against me. Lord, give me the heart and give me the words to share this awesome Good News with others.”

    Round 1
    Read 2 Corinthians 5:17-21

    Round 2
    TRUTH - you are a new person because of Christ’s redeeming love for you. He is not dwelling on your past. That said, take a quick (guilt-free because of Jesus) trip down memory lane and write down 3 things that represent the old you. Now rip that little piece of paper up and flush it or (safely) put a lit match to it and watch it burn. Give thanks to Jesus that the old you no longer exists and get ready to put the new you to work in Jesus’ name.

    Round 3:
    Listen to Jesus, Messiah at this link and commit this verse to memory: He became sin, who knew no sin, so we might become his righteousness. (2 Corinthians 5:21). Jesus made us new so that we might go out into the world and invite others into that renewing, restoring, reconciling, redeeming relationship with him. Eat your Wheaties because we have work to do!

    If you’ve already lost your resolve on one of your New Year’s resolutions or you kinda sorta forgot to make any, do some soul searching and identify one habit/behavior that needs to be put in the past – permanently. Today is a new day, so invite God to give you the strength you need to give up that habit/behavior today, and tomorrow and the next day…one day at a time, God helping you…so that nothings stands in the way of the work you need to do in His name.