Day 9 - Direction

    01.16.18 | by 40 Day Team

    Warm Up
    Pray: Heavenly Father I long to hear your voice in every area of my life. Tune my ears to hear your direction as I go about my day. Remind me to seek you in all that I do. Please help me to be sensitive to your leading. I know that your sheep hear your voice. Thank you for speaking to me today through your Word and your Spirit.

    Round 1
    Read Psalm 32:8-9, Psalm 25:1-4 and write out Psalm 25:5.

    Round 2
    How sensitive to God’s direction are you? How strongly does He need to direct you? Does He need to: “Yell at the top of His lungs?” or “Pull you along?” or “Gently guide you?” Write down your answer and why you answered this way.

    Round 3
    Listen to "Be Thou My Vision" at this link. 

    Think of one area in your life where you really want God to direct you. Pray for this area of your life during your “down time” today. For example: pray on your ride to work, or while doing laundry or while waiting in a store. During this time, pray: “God, I am asking for your help, speak to me and show me the next step I need to take.”