Giving Day 1 - Planning

    02.21.18 | by Joe Dascenzo

    Warm Up
    Pray: "Lord, on this first day of my Giving Challenge, it's all about planning and setting myself up for success. I recognize all I have belongs to You. I want to give You the first and the best of my time, talent and treasure. I look forward to what You are going to do as a result of my commitment to putting You first in my life!"

    Round 1
    Read Psalm 24:1-6 out loud.

    Round 2 
    Think through your 5 most valuable possessions that you own. Put them in front of you if you can (shoes would be easy but a car would be difficult). List these 5 things and write THINGS I OWN at the top of the list. Change the title of your list from THINGS I OWN to THINGS GOD OWNS.

    Round 3
    Think about the next 7 days. Where within those days could you give an hour of your time to serve? Maybe you help your family with a project or a grandparent cleaning. Maybe you serve at your church or a homeless shelter. Write down some ideas and pick one to plan on. Plan ahead by writing down the day and time when you will serve.

    Round 4
    Think about the next 40 days. What can you give up within those days in order to save at least a $1/day? Maybe you can give up an extra coffee you don't really need each day. Maybe you can give up buying your lunch at work one day a week. Maybe you can give up eating out as a family once a week. Plan ahead by writing down what you will give up and how much money you could save by doing so.

    Burn Out
    The $1/Day challenge will require discipline so an easy reminder will help. Plan ahead by finding a container (like a jar, milk jug, etc.) to hold your dollars and place the container in a prominent spot so you won't miss it (kitchen table, dresser, etc.). Now put a $1 into it.

    Remember the vision and why you are doing this: in 40 days you will give $40 to help those in need!