Giving Day 10 - Sorcery

    03.02.18 | by Joe Dascenzo

    Warm Up
    Write out this following sentence:

    "God's love in my life causes me to change my approach to money and possessions."

    Round 1
    Read Acts 19:18-20 and underline how much the scrolls were worth. In today's economy, the scrolls that the Ephesians burned would be worth millions of dollars. 

    Round 2
    Listen to "Love Has A Name" at this link.

    Round 3
    The discipline of "frugality" is learning to live with less money and still meet your basic needs. You've given something up in order to give something away. You are learning frugality! Think through how much money you have saved by giving that thing up and write down an estimate. Set aside that amount of money to give the next time you are in church.

    Burn Out
    Pray: "I read again today that when people awakened to Your power and love, they responded in radical ways. The disciples sold property and the Ephesians who practiced sorcery burned scrolls worth millions of dollars. God, how can I respond to the incredible love You have poured out on my life? Give me ideas and release me from the hold of material things on my mind and life. You are worthy God. Help me respond by living a generous life!"

    Set aside another $1—you should have $10 saved!