Giving Day 11 - Active Recovery Day 1

    03.03.18 | by Joe Dascenzo

    Today is the first of two ACTIVE RECOVERY days in a row. Active recovery is a less intense day but still productive. If you are behind in the workouts, use today to go back and catch up. If you are caught up, remember to set aside another $1—you should have $11 saved!

    Three ways to give something up to give something away:

    1. Save $1 a day. Give up $1 per day and at the end of this challenge you will have $40 to give away.
    2. Give something up and save the money you don't spend. So, if you give up a morning coffee that usually costs you $2.50 each day, you will have $100 to give away.
    3. Tithe 10% of your income. Whenever you get paid during the 40-Day Challenge, give 10% as an offering to your church.

    Pick one, two or all three of these to rise to the challenge and give! You break the hold that money can have on your life when you give away some of what God has given you!

    Optional Bonus Round
    Write out Matthew 13:44-46.