Giving Day 7 - My Approach

    02.27.18 | by Joe Dascenzo

    Warm Up
    Read Luke 3:11-14. Underline or highlight these verses.

    Round 1
    Pray: "Lord, when the crowds gathered to hear
    John the Baptist preach, they were asking about how to prove their repentance. Help me see the connection John made between our spiritual lives and our treasure—and that I can't separate the two!"

    Round 2
    Write down the key action from Luke 3:11. What could you share today? Make a plan to share that thing today.

    Round 3
    Write down what John directed tax collectors to NOT do.

    Round 4
    Write down what John directed Roman soldiers to NOT do.

    Burn Out
    Pray: "God, create a deep conviction in me—that my approach to money and possessions is central to my spiritual life. The way that I handle the treasure you have entrusted to me demonstrates my trust in You. As I go through my day today, help me remember this and adjust my approach to money and spending today."

    Add $1 to your stash, you should have $7 saved!