Giving Day 8 - Zacchaeus

    02.28.18 | by Joe Dascenzo

    Warm Up
    Pray: "God, You have given me new life! My outlook on life and possessions is different now. You've given me a new perspective. You've given me a freedom from the hold money can have on me. I'm not a slave anymore. I'm free! Help my life demonstrate this fact today and everyday!

    Round 1
    Read Luke 19:1-10. Highlight or underline verse 8.

    Round 2
    What would be something that you could do with your finances or possessions that is completely radical, outrageous and crazy? Think wild. Zacchaeus gave away half of his possessions and paid back those he cheated 4 times what he stole from them.

    Round 3
    Write down what is holding you back from doing your idea in Round 2. What could you do to move toward that idea?

    Burn Out
    Take a 10 Minute walk outside. While you are walking, listen for God's whisper and what He has freed you from. Write down anything that comes to mind during your walk.

    Place $1 aside. You should have $8 saved!