Giving Day 9 - Apostles

    03.01.18 | by Joe Dascenzo

    Warm Up
    Pray: "Lord, after you ascended to heaven, the disciples changed their attitude toward possessions and money. Their hearts were changed. Something eternal awakened inside them. I want that. Awaken my heart to the abundance you have provided to me and show me how I can give out of that abundance. Change my heart toward possessions and money."

    Round 1
    Read Acts 2:42-45 and Acts 4:32-35—out loud.

    Round 2
    Make a list of all the things the apostles did in these passages. Circle the one that surprises you the most.

    Round 3
    Pray about one thing you could give away or one thing you could sell and donate the money to your church. Write down those ideas. Make a "Give Away" list and a "Sell" list.

    Burn Out
    Now choose something off your "Give Away" list and give it away today—no strings attached. Maybe you can give it to a thrift store that helps people in need or give it to someone you know who you know needs it. Either way, step up and give something away today!

    Drop another $1 in your savings—you should have $9 saved!