Solitude Day 13 - Active Reflection Day 1

    04.21.18 | by Joe Dascenzo

    The idea of Sabbath—the commandment of resting for one day each week has been a tradition of God's people since well before Jesus came to earth. Resting from work is a restoration move. It restores your strength, your mind and your soul. Do you rest for a full 24 hours each week? Why or why not? Find a quiet space and take 5 minutes to intentionally slow down and rest:

    • Minute 1: Breathe slowly by inhaling to the count of 4 and exhaling to the count of 6.
    • Minute 2: Settle your mind and be keenly aware of your slower breathing and how it differs from your normal rate of breathing.
    • Minute 3: Stay focused on the idea that God is good and deny your worries any space in your mind.
    • Minute 4: Relax and begin thinking of the 5 people you want to share your faith with.
    • Minute 5: Pray for each of the 5 people by name, asking God to give you opportunities to share your faith with them.

    Today and tomorrow you will be challenged to do two things:

    1. Social Media Sabbath: Stay off of social media for 24 hours. There is evidence that less social media in your life makes you happier.
    2. Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Hide or have someone hide your phone for 8 hours. Studies show that when your phone is not visible, your stress level is lower.

    Choose one of the two to tackle today. Replace the time you would be on your device or social media with something fun. Maybe go for a bike ride into town, or take a walk to a nearby park.

    If you missed a workout, take some time to go back and catch up. Here is a list of quick links to the workouts: