Solitude Day 15 - Be Still and Know...God Speaks to Me Through Creation

    04.23.18 | by Joe Dascenzo

    Warm Up
    God is communicating through everything around you—everything in creation. It doesn't replace the truth that we learn in the Bible, but creation clearly teaches us that God exists and that certain things are true about Him. We can experience these things every day. The moment God created the world, the world began proclaiming things about Him, and it has continued ever since. Are you noticing? Do you see it?

    Round 1
    Read all of Psalm 19. Underline or highlight what stands out to you in verses 1-6.

    Round 2
    Listen to the song "So Will I."

    Round 3
    Go for a 15 minute walk outside. Get into nature if you can. Take note of all the things you see, hear, and feel. Try to notice things that are majestic, awe-inspiring, amazing or beautiful.

    Round 4
    When you get back, write down all the ways you saw evidence for God on your walk.

    Burn Out
    Pray: “God, Your creation is majestic and it simply points to You—an even more majestic Creator. Even though nature doesn't speak audible words, the message is clear and goes out to all people to the ends of the earth. As I slow down and notice nature—help me to be as inspired as David was. Help me notice Your fingerprints in every moment of every day and in every corner of creation. If creation can sing your praise, then so will I!”