Solitude Day 16 - Be Still and Know...God's Word Makes Me Wise

    04.24.18 | by Joe Dascenzo

    Warm Up
    Many billionaires say the first thing they do each day is meditate and seek answers to the big questions of life. But what works for one person may be torture for another person. By now, you probably have a routine for doing these workouts. What is it? Why does it work for you? The key isn’t copying someone else’s routine, it’s establishing one that works for your personality and your season of life. Once you can set a routine that works, you can truly be consistent with your time with God and His word. Why is consuming scripture so important? Well, let’s dig into it and find out!

    Round 1
    Write down what a typical day looks like for you and specifically mark down when and where you spend time with God.

    Round 2
    Read all of Psalm 19. Underline or highlight what stands out to you in verses 7-10.

    Round 3
    Sit quietly for 10 minutes and think about when you experienced God’s word in the following ways:

    • God’s word refreshed me…
      For example: God’s word refreshed me…when I was in a bad mood because of a bad day at work.
    • God’s word was trustworthy...
    • God’s word gives me joy...
    • God’s word showed me the way...
    • Write down your answers.

    Burn Out
    Pray: “God, just as the sun dominates Your creation, I want Your word to dominate my thinking. Your word can be trusted to make me wise. It can be trusted to brighten my life, guide me and fill me with joy. There are many voices in my head on any given day. I want Your word to drown those voices out. Help me to remember Your word when I am struggling to find my way. Your word never fails and it is so good for my soul!”