Solitude Day 19 - Be Still and Know...Words are Life

    04.27.18 | by Joe Dascenzo

    Warm Up
    Find a quiet space and take 10 minutes to intentionally slow down and contemplate:

    • Minutes 1&2: Breathe slowly by inhaling to the count of 4 and exhaling to the count of 6.
    • Minutes 3&4: Settle your mind and be keenly aware of your slower breathing and how it differs from your normal rate of breathing.
    • Minutes 5&6: Stay focused on the idea that God is your source of life.
    • Minutes 7&8: Relax and think about how you have used words with others recently.
    • Minutes 9&10: Worship God quietly, asking Him to fill your mouth with words that are pleasing to Him.

    Round 1
    Evaluate your speech in the following ways:

    • Write down how you need to adjust your words with your family.
    • Write down how you need to adjust your words with your friends.
    • Write down how you need to adjust your words with your co-workers.

    Round 2
    Re-read all of Psalm 19 out loud. Underline or highlight verse 14.
    Read Philippians 2:14-16.

    Round 3
    Pray: “God, Your words are more precious than gold and they are sweeter than anything I know. Your words protect me. There’s no way that I can discern my own errors and Your word helps me see my struggles. Please forgive the times when I fall short and keep me from acting out on temptations so that sin will not rule over me. Through faith in Jesus, I am blameless and innocent. Thank you for this! May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight. You are my Rock and my Redeemer."

    Round 4
    Back to those 5 people you were praying about and looking for an opportunity to share your faith—take a moment to pray for them by name. Note that the way you speak to them can be the primary way God opens them up to Him. Ask God for an opportunity to share words of life with them.

    Burn Out
    Turn off your phone for as long as you can today.