Solitude Day 21 - Be Still and Know...God is My Rock

    04.29.18 | by Joe Dascenzo

    Warm Up
    You made it! 21 days of disciplining yourself to slow down. 21 days of reflecting on God’s word. 21 days of intentionally focusing on God’s activity in your life. Take a moment to thank God for the journey you are completing today.

    Round 1
    Take 5 minutes, reflect on the past 21 days and your notes from the workouts.

    Round 2
    Write down 5 things you learned.

    Round 3
    Text back a few thoughts about what God has done through the Solitude challenge to the workout number: (708) 295-3589!

    Round 4
    Pray: “God, thank you for all that you have done in my life over the past 21 days. Help me remember the ways you have moved in my life. Remind me of the things you want me to pursue. You are my Rock."

    Burn Out
    Celebrate completing the 21 Day Solitude Challenge by going for a walk in nature. Make it as long as you want. As you walk, notice the trees, animals, sounds, colors and beauty you see. Thank God for His presence and for walking with you through life. Your story isn't over!