Solitude Day 5 - Be Still and Know...God is With Me

    04.13.18 | by Joe Dascenzo

    Warm Up
    Solitude is powerful. Studies show that when you slow down, your brain releases "happy" chemicals. You get a boost of serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins, which are all linked to a good mood. What’s even better than that science is that God is with you as you are quiet. Your willingness to enter into solitude and silence opens up room for God to minister to you in ways you have not yet experienced. When you trust that His presence is with you, you might be surprised at what you hear. So, why not listen a little more closely?

    Round 1
    Re-read Psalm 46 slowly.
    Underline or highlight “ever-present” in verse 1.
    Underline or highlight verse 7.
    Underline or highlight verse 11.

    Round 2
    Set a timer, sit in silence for 7 minutes and breathe slowly. Every minute, on the minute, pray this prayer: “Speak Lord, for your servant is listening." Don't go to the next round until this one is complete.

    Round 3
    God is literally with you right now. What is He saying to you? Write it down. What do you want to say to Him? Write it down.

    Round 4
    Pray: “Lord, the enemies of my soul come at me often. Stress, worry, fear and distraction prowl around me scavenging what they can from my life. Sometimes I feel like they rule the day. But as for me, just like David in Psalm 59 I will sing about Your power. Each morning I will sing with joy about your unfailing love. You are here with me and are my refuge, a place of safety when my soul is in distress. You are my strength. I sing praises to You because You are the God who shows me unfailing love!"

    Burn Out
    Turn your phone off.

    Leave your phone off for as long as you dare today. Scroll down if you want a heads up on the next two days...






    Over the next two days you will be challenged to do two things:

    1. Stay off of social media for 24 hours.
    2. Hide or have someone hide your phone for 4 hours.