Solitude Day 6 - Active Reflection Day 1

    04.14.18 | by Joe Dascenzo

    The internet is a time suck.
    Do you truly enjoy the time you spend online or is it just a way for you to occupy yourself? Finding a tech-free block of time is the perfect way to start breaking your addiction to digital things. Our devices have become our constant companions. 71% of adults have a smartphone or tablet in their bedroom.

    Over the next two days you will be challenged to do two things:

    1. Social Media Sabbath: Stay off of social media for 24 hours. There is evidence that less social media in your life makes you happier.
    2. Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Hide or have someone hide your phone for 4 hours. Studies show that when your phone is not visible, your stress level is lower.

    Choose one of the two to tackle today. Replace the time you would be on your device or social media with something fun. Maybe go for a long walk and notice how many different types of animals and plants you walk by. Or spend some time with family playing a game or just talking.

    If you missed a workout, take some time to go back and catch up. Here is a list of quick links to the workouts: