The Beef Jerky Manifesto

    01.27.19 | by Joe Dascenzo

    Sometimes I want to give up but I don’t.
    I’m called to big things and patiently wait for the payoff in good time.
    I don’t need to know everything to keep going.
    I use trust as fuel to attack my day.
    I don’t need talent to stay in the game, because my effort is a multiplier that gets me to the mountaintop.
    Burying my pain is what I used to do.
    Now I move toward the hurt in Jesus’ name.
    Perseverance ignited the fuse of my story.
    I’ve got this, because he’s got me.
    Perfection is never my goal because it lacks authenticity.
    I may not get where I’m going without making a mistake but make no mistake I will get there.
    I won’t give up.
    I won’t back down.
    I’m all in and in it for the long haul.
    Nothing will stop me because it’s not me that’s moving this thing.
    It’s him in me so watch out.
    He’ll accomplish His work in His time.
    I don’t want the chocolate chip cookies.Where’s the Beef Jerky?
    Cuz I’m gonna get it.