SummerFest 2018 Song Lyrics

How He Loves

He is jealous for me,
Love's like a hurricane, I am a tree,
Bending beneath the weight of His wind and mercy.
When all of a sudden,
I am unaware of these afflictions eclipsed by glory,
And I realize just how beautiful You are,
And how great Your affections are for me.

And, oh, how He loves us, oh,
Oh, how He loves us,
How He loves us so.

Yeah, He loves us,
Oh, how He loves us,
Oh, how He loves us,
Oh, how He loves.

And we are His portion and He is our prize,
Drawn to redemption by the grace in His eyes.
If His grace is an ocean, we're all sinking.
And Heaven meets earth like an unforeseen kiss,
And my heart turns violently inside of my chest.
I don't have time to maintain these regrets
When I think about the way...

praise will be my song

When all I have is just a whisper
You breathe in me a new song
You take me back
And I'll remember
The joy of my first love

Praise will be my song
How can I contain it
I cannot contain this love

For what we lacked
Your blood has covered
What we get is what you paid for
Cause through your death
Our lives reborn
The joy of our salvation

I'll shout out
I will sing of your love for me
As you reach out
I can feel you all around

Holy Spirit

There's nothing worth more
That could ever come close
No thing can compare
You're our living hope
Your presence, Lord

I've tasted and seen
Of the sweetest of loves
Where my heart becomes free
And my shame is undone
Your presence, Lord

Holy Spirit, You are welcome here
Come flood this place and fill the atmosphere
Your glory, God, is what our hearts long for
To be overcome by Your presence, Lord
Your presence, Lord

Let us become more aware of Your presence
Let us experience the glory of Your goodness

You are wired to do life with others.

None of us have all the answers or the ability to survive solo. Your faith will grow when you belong to a community running in the same spiritual direction.