GO2021 Prayer

  • On July 7 the news broke that the President of Haiti and his wife had been shot in their home sometime around 1:00 am. The President has perished and his wife is currently in critical condition receiving care. 
    1. Pray for Heartline staff, their families, and the communities they are investing in.
    2. Through this, that the availability of goods and resources does not hurt the Haitian people. Whether it be food, fuel, or other basics - instability can impact cost and availability and always hurts those on the margins the hardest.
    3. For shalom - an all-encompassing, active peace that is more than the absence of conflict, but is the life-giving presence of justice, wholeness, and flourishing.
    4. That out of this ongoing tragedy and unrest, a stable government might arise.
    5. That God is glorified in Haiti and throughout the world as nations share their condolences, but also act in support of change and justice for the people of Haiti. 
  • Pray for Russell and Ann Fryer as they face the possibilities of being sent home by the Vietnamese Government. Their work is being identified and attacked as a "Christian" counseling center.
  • Continue to pray for our Global Workers in India and the many churches and pastors being affected by the ongoing outbreak of COVID.