GO2021 Prayer



Zach and Brittany Adams:

1. Pray for flexibility for us as we enter the new school year with COVID looming overhead. This involves Brittany's language training as well.

2. Pray for the various ministries that I oversee (Men's, Kids, Youth, Young Adults, Community Groups, BASIC). There have been lots of departures in leadership and lots of tough transitions to make the ministries available online (and with depth of discipleship!)

 From the Fryer Family:

1. For our return to Vietnam at the end of October.  That permission will be granted to reenter the country for both of us and that we will have favor with quarantine. Currently, we cannot quarantine at home and that is the desirable place to quarantine.

2. Wisdom for Crosspoint as we have a good problem of now having no room in the current location (now have 4 counselors and two offices) and we need to have a solution after our return.