Kids (Birth-6th Gr.)

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Kids (Birth-6th Gr.)

We partner with you and your kids

Second Place offers age-appropriate classes for kids birth through 6th grade.

You’ll hear the phrase “Home First” a lot around Second Place. Parents have the opportunity to be the primary spiritual influence in their child’s life (Deuteronomy 6:1-12). Second Place is a partner in helping parents succeed in that role. We do our best to bring God’s Word to life at every age level.

What to do on a Sunday morning...

To register your children on Sunday morning, come to the east side of the Warehouse. Our staff and volunteers will assign your child to their appropriate room, and they will give you and your child matching numbers...a safety precaution and a means of contacting you during the service if necessary. Registration begins 15 minutes before each gathering.


The Backyard

The Backyard is open for children birth to 24 months for the entire service. In the Backyard, infants will discover God’s love through the care of their teachers. The children will be rocked, held, played with, comforted and prayed for. Music, stories, even art will be used to tell the littlest one’s how deep and wide God’s love is for them.


The Park is open for children 2 to 5 years old for the entire service. At the Park, pre-schoolers will experience the stories of the Bible in an engaging and fun way...through blocks, art, music and even science. They’ll unwrap the truth of God’s Word in a chronological order, and begin to lay a foundation for when things in the Bible happened.

The clubhouse

The Clubhouse is open for children Kindergarten to 4th grade after opening worship concludes in the Warehouse. This provides a great opportunity for parents and children to sing songs together and for parents to model for their children how and why they worship God through music and offering. 

The Clubhouse allows school-age children to engage with the adventures of the Word of God in a practical way. They will go through the Bible chronologically, putting in order some of the stories they’ve heard in the past and adding new discoveries in the Word. They will do this through discovery centers and intentional teaching time.


The Crossing is open for 5th and 6th graders after opening worship concludes in the Warehouse during the 9am service on 2nd and 4th Sundays. This age group eases into participating in the adult service by engaging their faith with peers twice a month and as a family twice a month.
The Crossing acknowledges that tweens are maturing, but may not be ready to process the adult service individually. The Crossing teaches a Bible lesson where the kids engage with it throughtout the service. We want them with the adults during the other two weeks so they learn to individually process spiritual truths. We've found this eases the transition for them into youth group (7th-12th grade), and they don't struggle with being in the adult service.


All teachers are required to submit to a thorough background check. In addition all teacher helpers must attend training.

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