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What is the foundation that early church leaders built upon? Check out these 5 game changers: Glory to God Alone; By Grace Alone; Through Faith Alone; Scripture Alone; and Christ Alone.


In our world today, it seems like division is everywhere. Politics, social issues, race, religion all have the potential to divide us. One of the last things Jesus prayed for us is that we would be one. Why was this so important to Him and how does He make it possible? Join us in this journey of discovering what unity can feel like in your life today.

Love Your Neighbor

We are busy people. The last thing we want to do is ADD reaching our neighbor to our schedule. But what does scripture call us to? Could God be calling us to re-imagine our identity rather than our activity? Maybe so.

Rhythm in Color

Rhythm in Color was the theme for the 5th annual SevenStyle Student Bootcamp in August 2017. This week-long discipleship experience was centered around 1 Timothy 4:12. These are the talks that were given during that week.