2nd Podcast: Inside Out and The Chronicles of Narnia

A. P. / Joe Dascenzo / Aaron Benda


Description:Aaron joins Joe and myself to discuss the idea of being able to grow in Christ and how exactly that might be accomplished. Also, we ask some dumb questions, fill everyone in on what's going on at church, and share what's on our hearts, enjoy!

2nd Podcast: Average Sins and Berging It

A.P. / Nick Grimberg


Description:This week my buddy Nick Grimberg joins me via Skype and we discuss the concept of wether or not being "average" is a sin and we talk about what God is working on in Nick's life. Berg it!

2nd Podcast: Mark Sevillano Jr. Testimony

A.P. / Mark Sevillano Jr.


Description:As a kickoff for the 2nd Podcast Testimony Series my buddy Mark Sevillano Jr. joined me via Skype all the way from Whittier, CA. He shares a little bit about what it was like growing up in a Christian home and the choice that he made when he was 23. He also wrote a book all about his experience expanding up what he talks about in the podcast. Click on the link below to pick up his book. If you believe that God wants you to share your testimony about how you came to know or grow with Christ, please let us know; we would love to have you on!The Choice I Made When I Was 23 by Mark Sevillano Jr. - https://www.amazon.com/Choice-Made-When-Was-Twenty-Three/dp/149314698X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1496769785&sr=8-1&keywords=the+choice+i+made+when+i+was+23

2nd Podcast: Flatfoot 56 Special

A.P. / Tobin Bawinkel


Description:On this special, Tobin Bawinkel of Flatfoot 56 and Six Foot Ten joins me! He tells us about what's been going on with the band, performs an exclusive song for us, and shares a lot of great wisdom about having and working on a relationship with God. Flatfoot 56 recently released a new album titled Odd Boat. Please do these guys a huge favor and check it out!Odd Boat: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/odd-boat/id1209700716Their Website: https://www.flatfoot56.com/

2nd Podcast: Spiritual Growth and Fidget Gizmos

A.P. / Erik Lyday


Description:On this week's podcast we have a 2PC band member on. Erik Lyday, who many know as the guy who plays so hard at church his fingers bleed, joins me to discuss spiritual growth and I introduce our new segment called, "AP asks a dumb question." Please go to our new Facebook page to give us a review and tell us what you think about the podcast!

2nd Podcast: Religion, Relationship, and Glaucoma

A.P. / Jordan Short / Blessing Short


Description:Josh figures out what glaucoma is, Blessing shares some great new music, and A.P. loses his mind. These three take on the concept of Jesus' idea of dying to your religion and working on your relationship with Him.

2nd Podcast: Mother's Day and Indian Food

A.P. / Liz Jonkman


Description:This week we celebrated Mother's Day! The service on Sunday had four different mothers share their testimony, this podcast goes in a slightly different direction to celebrate mothers in a not so traditionaly route. A huge thanks to Liz Jonkman for sharing her testimony on how God is working in her. Get ready for this 2nd Podcast because it's a good one!

2nd Podcast: Prayer and Thailand

A.P. / Timothy Kraiss / James Donnelly


Description:A.P. tangents about his car, Tim talks about Thailand, and James informs us of his new school path. These three take on the issue of prayer.

2nd Podcast: Offense and Saxophones

A.P. / Joe Dascenzo / Joe Galan / Melissa Watson


Description:A.P. remembers some stuff, Joe D. talks to Melissa, and Joe G. drops some knowledge. Buckle up for this ride, these four take on handling offense.

2nd Podcast: Easter and Barney

A.P. / Matt and Julie Boomsma


Description:A.P. welcomes himself into someone else's home, Julie reveals how their children are prodigies, and Matt speaks of the love for their dog. This week's podcast the trio discuss Joe's Easter message.

2nd Podcast: Worship Night Special



Description:On this specail, college students get to reflect on the worship night that was held at the home of Jeff Gerstenberger along with a little taste of what was going on in the room, enjoy!

2nd Podcast: Sexuality Part II

A.P. / James Donnelly / Kaleb Smith / Patrick Frederickson


Description:James reflects on hating the right things, Kaleb provides insight on science, Patrick helps tear down walls, and AP explains the big bang. On this week's edition of the 2nd Podcast we get the male perspective of same sex attractions from these dudes.

2nd Podcast: Sexuality Part I

A.P. / Cara Champlin / Lisa Hipelus


Description:Cara explains her two jobs, Lisa gets excited about a great book, and A.P. geets down with fashion. Our two guests give a female perspective on same sex attractions. Tune in again next week for the second part of this subject to hear a dudes' perspective.

2nd Podcast: Kayla Bailey Special

A.P. / Kayla Bailey


Description:Kayla Bailey is a local artist from Chicago who writes music to help others worship God. She took the time to sit down with me, share what's going on in her musical career, perform a song for us, and bless us with some of the wisdom that God speaks through her. Her music can be found on iTunes from the following links:Prayers & Songs - https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/prayers-songs/id890547906You Loved - https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/you-loved/id1117625376More - https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/more/id1142870348

2nd Podcast: Racism and Righteousness

A.P. / Dave Short / Cocoa Thorne / Amanda Sheree


Description:A.P. speaks in code, Dave tells one of his legendary jokes, Cocoa tells some great stories, and Amadna opens up about her family. These four tackle the difficult subject of racism.

2nd Podcast: Family and Mud Pits

A.P. / Jared and Christina Dennis / Sarah Dascenzo


Description:Christina hones in on what a family looks like, Jared finds some tacos, Sarah hits home on singles in the church, and A.P. shares how insecure he is. These four attack what family looks like within the Church.

2nd Podcast: Marwood's Fall Special

A.P. / Matt & Dave Danaher


Description:On this special of the 2nd Podcast my friends Matt and Dave Danaher join me to discuss their band Marwood's Fall and how their relationship with Christ influences their song writing. If you like what you hear, their albums are available for download from the following links.Restitution EP - https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/restitution-ep/id635317336Judgement is Coming EP - https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/judgement-is-coming-ep/id1112621389

2nd Podcast: Life and Camels

A.P. / Amy & Kirk Doty


Description:This week Amy tells us how cool camels are, Kirk drops a bomb on men's part in decision making, and A.P. plays with a dog. These three tackle the subject of the sanctity of life.

2nd Podcast: Gender Rolls and Nebraska

A.P. / Pam Loitz / Josh Short


Description:This week Pam explains how she's tougher than some dudes, Josh breaks the ice about women in leadership, and A.P. brings the weird. This week's trio attack the concept of Biblical gender rolls. It's the 2nd Podcast ya'll!

2nd Podcast: Adam Curry Special

A.P. / Adam Curry


Description:This is the very first 2nd Podcast Special! I had the amazing opportunity to sit down with Adam Curry who is one of the music directors of Wheaton Bible Church and the lead singer of Owen's Room. He shares his journey of faith, what we can do to be creative for God, and performs one of his songs from his solo project for us. His music can be downloaded from the following links:Adam Curry - Scenes: https://adamcurry.bandcamp.com/Owen's Room - Say (Single): https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/say-single/id1212152611

2nd Podcast: Coffee and Intimacy

A.P. / Joe Dascenzo / Kaleb Smith


Description:This is the Historia Podcast special that we promised! Kaleb tells us about swinging pendulums reaching the middle, Joe nails what it means to find our identities, and A.P. steps out of his comfort zone. The boys discuss the second week of Here be Dragons: Sex, Porn, and Intimacy.

2nd Podcast: ALPHA and Caves

A.P. / Aaron Mikottis / Rachel Zumhagen


Description:On this week's podcast A.P. attempts to figure out how talk, Aaron celebrates finishing his final test, Rachel shares the coolest "what are you into" yet, and the three discuss ALPHA and Joe's message.

2nd Podcast: 7 Years and Great Books

A.P. / Drew Epperson / James Donnelly


Description:A.P.'s shamless plugs get a little out of hand, Drew celebrates 7 years of 2nd Place and shares his thoughts on emotional health, and James shares his heart about helping others. Welcome to the 2nd Podcast.

2nd Podcast: Awkwardness and Relating

Joe Dascenzo / A.P. / Evan Ullrich


Description:On this week's addition to the 2nd Podcast Joe gets excited about the church's 7 year anniversary, Evan explains his exciting career path, and A.P. reveals his awkwardsness. Theses three dudes cover the topic of helping others belong.

2nd Podcast: NFS and Questions

Joe Dascenzo / A.P.


Description:This week on the 2nd Podcast Joe demonstrates what a good parent looks like, A.P. reveals how much of a nerd he is, they discuss life's many questions, and are excited about the ALPHA lauch that just happened.

2nd Podcast: Velcro and Community

Joe Dascenzo / Sarah Dascenzo / A. P.


Description:Joe, Sarah, and A.P. discuss Joe's awesome velcro shoes, discover the fun of smashing a TV, and the importance of community. To view the video discussed in the podcast, click on the following link: https://youtu.be/XR11eo3iF7s