What's With The Name?

One of the first questions we get asked is why is the church named "Second Place?" Let’s put church in it’s place. Second Place is about putting 3 things first: Jesus, Home and Others. Church is second to those things! It’s the place where we meet to encourage each other and live life together—it’s in second place...

Jesus First

The life of Christ inspires us, challenges us and comforts us. His example in the Bible inspires the way we live our lives and the choices we make. His life was full of love and grace that He shared with everyone he met. This challenges us to do the same. We strive to model His perfect life, even though we fall short. We find comfort in knowing that he understands our struggles and wants to help us overcome them. The Father offers us forgiveness for our failures through the death of Jesus on the cross. And the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead can reside in each one of us—it provokes us to acts of kindness and comes alongside us when life is overwhelming. When we put Jesus first, life truly begins.

Home First

When we say “home first” it means that our homes are the first (or primary) place where our faith grows. We can accomplish this by praying together, reading the Bible together and doing devotions together. It’s what happens outside of church, between Sundays, where you live life, build relationships and experience unforgettable moments that matter most. Whether you are a baby, toddler, student, young adult, single, newly married or been married forever, have one child or ten, an empty-nester, a widow or wise senior still full of life—your home is where your faith should grow the most. When each of our homes is a beacon of truth, our friends and family will see who God is and how to follow him wholeheartedly.


It takes work and intentionality to love others as much as we love ourselves. This is a place where we fight for the last spot in line and find opportunities to help and support each other in ways that stand out to people. It could be mowing your neighbors lawn, giving clean water to a village half a world away, or just calling someone to say hi. We know that no act of unselfishness is ever wasted. We want to have a reputation for being a group of people that are unselfish and generous.