Second Place + Coronavirus

March 20, 2020 Update

Hey Second Place Family!

Well, things are changing fast around here! Sounds like a "shelter in place" order is about to be thrown down by the Governor. We shall see what that means. Keep reading for the latest updates and resources!

March 21/22 Weekend Plan:

SUNDAY, March 22

9:30AM: Second Place Kids: LIVE video on Facebook and Youtube. Have your kids join the fun and lesson. Parents: in the meantime, check out this link for great resources and conversation starters:

10:30AM: Second Place LIVE on Facebook and Youtube. This will be a time for us to connect with each other before our LIVE service. Follow Second Place now on one or both platforms! 

11:00AM: Second Place LIVE worship and message on Facebook and Youtube. Let's get together from our homes and be a support to each other!

We will also provide a link to view the message and worship on demand via our website.
Other Things:
  1. Make sure to follow Second Place on Facebook and Youtube so you are ready to go!
  2. Make sure your family members know how to access Facebook or Youtube on their smart tv's.
  3. Check out for daily encouragement and a way to engage your faith during this difficult time.
  4. If you are anyone you know needs assistance, please text 708-866-0092 to let us know.

March 17, 2020 Update:

Second Place Family!

I know there has been an overwhelming amount of information bombarding you concerning the Coronavirus. Sarah and I want you to know that we are in this with you and have a few updates for you regarding Second Place.

First, we will not be having services at the Warehouse on March 21 and 22. We will have the opportunity to meet together in our homes! At a minimum we will have a message and worship for you to tune into from home. There will also be resources for kids as well. We're going back to our roots as a church, meeting in homes!

If you are on Facebook, make sure you are following Second Place so you catch any live videos that we do. We are hoping to offer these videos through other channels as well, such as YouTube—but we're not there yet.

Here is a link to an update video from Monday, March 16. It contains much of the information in this email but if you just have to see our faces, we got you!

We are working on a web page on our website with helpful links and resources. Keep an eye out for another email with that link. We hope to have that up by the end of the day today.

Our childcare center, Natural Discovery, will be closed at the end of the day March 17. This was a tough decision but the best decision for our kiddos and families.

Helping us stock the Micro Pantry in front of the Warehouse is a great way for you to help those in need if you have extra canned goods. There is also a Micro Pantry at Golf Vista and the Village of Monee building. 

We are working on offering food more often but our partners are being inundated with food requests so this will be difficult.

Many of us will be homebound for the near future. Isolation can be devastating so if you know someone who needs assistance of any kind or needs to talk to someone or pray with someone please text our number at 708-866-0092. We will do what we can to assist and we are ready to talk to folks who need to connect or pray with anyone that would like to pray.

Most importantly, know that we serve a BIG GOD and He is not taken off guard by this pandemic. We have the opportunity to be the heart and hands of Jesus. Know that we are brainstorming ideas on how to stay connected during this time. Things are changing rapidly but we are WITH YOU and FOR YOU!

Jesus First!

Joe and Sarah Dascenzo