Global Outreach

The purpose of the church’s existence is to go into the entire world with the gospel, making committed followers of Christ from every nation. This begins at home and then spreads outward in ever widening circles of influence. Global outreach and mission is evidence that the church is alive and well.

We encourage you to join the adventure here at Second Place and allow God to stretch your faith.




Through building bridges in our local community, Second Place strategically leads and partners with ministries that care for the most vulnerable in our community.


Second Place-led Ministries are outreach programs, which have been strategically initiated, led and/or funded through the vision of Second Place.



Local Partner Ministries are organizations in which Second Place comes alongside by providing monthly financial support, awareness, and/or active volunteer recruitment.

Provision Lab 


Northern Illinois Food Bank 

Alicia’s House

Association of Related Churches


Member-led initiatives are ministries of special interest and passion that Second Place members lead and invite volunteer participation.

Truck Stop Ministries 

International Friendship Partners


Todd and Shawndra Lucas (Chicago Chi Alpha)



Second Place impacts the world through the efforts of our indigenous global partners who are meeting spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of those all over the world through various community development initiatives as church planting, refugee care, child sponsorship, pastor training / equipping, delivering fresh water, business development, education and more.


Scholarship Form 

Outreach Partner Support


Water Mission 

Hope for Justice 

Mission of Hope Africa 

Big Dent 



Serving as extensions of Second Place, these individuals are our frontline link between the church and the nations of the world.

Russell and Ann Fryer (Southeast Asia)

Zack and Brittany Adams (Barcelona, Spain)

Jordan and Sarah Bergren (Cambodia)

Steven Nowinski (France)



Haiti – Heartline Ministries - TRIP FULL!

  • March 9-16, 2019
  • Cost $1,700
  • $100 deposit, Due by September 9, 2018
  • Support, encourage, and build relationships with Heartline Ministries as they bring education, healing, and hope to the people of Haiti. Heartline Ministries works to strengthen Haitian families and prevent children from becoming orphans through initiatives that empower Haitians with maternal and infant health care, education, vocational training, economic development, and Christian outreach. Haiti

Kenya – Mission of Hope International

  • June 11-21
  • Cost $2450
  • $100 Deposit, Due by December 9, 2018
  • We are excited to announce we will return for the 3rd time to Nairobi, Kenya and the amazing ministry of Mission of Hope International (MOHI). MOHI works with children and families in the slums of Nairobi and has expanded into remote villages in Kenya. They currently serve more than 16,000 children in 21 communities throughout Kenya, and have started 13 Outreach Hope Community churches. 

New York City – Spreadtruth Ministries

  • July 14-17; July 14-20
  • 4-Day Trip Cost: $610 (Early Registration - Does not include food or airfare)
  • 7-Day Trip Cost: $875 (Early Registration – Does not include food or airfare)
  • $125 Deposit, Due by December 1, 2018
  • Join us in New York City this summer to share God's story! Choose from 1 of 4 Ministry Tracks and share God's love with New Yorkers! New York City is one of the most diverse cities in the world. Join us July 21 - 27, 2019 to shine God’s light into a city that needs Him desperately


The Global impact of Second Place is funded through the generous gifts of our Outreach Partners. Each time you give a gift above your tithe you are partnering with us to help reach those in need – clothe the poor, heal the sick, provide clean water, free those enslaved to human trafficking and help people around the world find their way back to God.

Behind the name of every organization and person listed on this page is a story: a story of life change, a story of restoration, a story of a second chance. And your monthly generosity is helping every person they impact discover their own story.

ways to give:


You can give online right now by clicking here to go to our giving page.


Text a gift from your phone by simply texting your gift amount to 708-260-8840 followed with "outreach partner" (For example: to give $100 you would text "100 outreach partner" to 708-260-8840).


Part of our worship each week is giving back to God through tithes and offerings. You may use this time to give an Outreach Partner offering by filling out the offering envelopes located in the mesh containers attached to the chairs. The envelopes can be dropped in the “Joy Boxes” located on either side of the warehouse.


You can mail your offering check to the following address:

Second Place Church
6370 W. Emerald Pkwy
Suite 102
Monee, IL 60449

Memo: Outreach Partner


Prayer requests will be posted here as they come up.

For Heartline Mistries

Student Sponsorship 


  • Praise that all students in the Heartline sponsorship program have been matched with a sponsor! 
  • Pray for the annual Christmas party (happening in early December) that it would be a time of celebration and joy for the students and their families! We're giving thanks for the donors who are making this memorable experience possible and for Vanessa and all of her hard work helping to prepare.
  • Continue to pray for safety and provision over all of the children, teachers, and their families. 
  • Continue to pray for students who struggle to succeed in mainstream education.  May they know their unsurpassable worth, feel motivated to try their hardest, and be surrounded by people that make them feel loved and supported.
Education Center


  • We received the results from last semester's government exams - huge praise that 100% of students at the Heartline Education Center passed! 
  • Prayers of blessings for the 130 men and women learning income-generating skills at the EC. May they have perseverance in the face of challenges, build a thriving EC community based on trust, and have confidence in themselves! 
  • Pray for the 6 educators employed at the EC - for wisdom and knowledge as they lead the adult students in their classrooms. 
Discipleship & Outreach 


  • Pray that the new guards at the prison would continue to allow the Discipleship and Outreach team to minister to the boys there.
  • Pray for one member of the Discipleship & Outreach team who is recovering from a hernia.
  • Pray for a member of the Discipleship & Outreach team, and his wife, as they continue to long for a baby.
  • Pray for the men and women at the elderly village, the children at Mephibosheth, and Haitians incarcerated in prisons - that they would know they are loved and valued. That they would continue to open their hearts to building meaningful relationships with those in their communities and the members of the outreach team. 
Economic Opportunity 


Kids' Club 


  • Praise for a donor family who generously donated funds to purchase children's Creole storybook bibles for all the kids at Kids' Club! 
Maternity Center


  • Pray for baby Wisler who was born at the MC this week.  It was clear right away that he needed more support than we could offer and he was taken to a hospital for care and evaluation.  He is currently requiring oxygen to remain stable.  Pray for his mom, Rezelane, and her husband as they process and await answers on what is next for their son. 
  • Pray for baby Love who was born with abnormally developed feet.  Pray for her parents, Lovely and TiChris, that they will be able to get answers and the proper support for their daughter.
  • Pray for Narline who recently lost her baby after being taken to the hospital for a cesarean section. We don't have all the answers and it's likely we never will. Injustice is continually attacking the women of Haiti in the most vulnerable ways. 


  • Pray for God to show off and get all the glory for our team work and collaboration on the year-end giving campaign, and for His will to reign in the results.
  • Pray for God’s favor over several pending grant applications.
Heartline Family


  • Danielle: Pray for God to give me His eyes and His heart for my extended family during the holidays, and to be fully present and engaged.
  • Jamie: Pray for my friend’s mother who has lingered for weeks in hospice.  Pray that God's perfect timing is coming soon as the family has said their goodbyes and is anxious for her to be ushered HOME.
  • Becky:  Pray for our family as we are facing many first year milestone anniversaries from our short time with our daughter Rebeka who passed away in March.


  •  Pray that the demonstrations happening in Haiti will subside and justice will prevail for the people of Haiti. 
  • Pray for safe travel on the roads during transport runs and daily travels to and from the ministries of Heartline. 
  • Pray for the safety and well being of all Heartline staff, students, patients and friends.

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