GO2020 Prayer Requests

My5 Prayer Sheet

Each ONE can reach ONE. 

With your My5 Sheet, write down names of people you will commit to pray for and ultimately see them come to church with you. Stick the sheet in your Bible, on your refrigerator or your bathroom mirror. Pray daily for My5. The hope is for each of us to realize we should care enough about our neighbor and their salvation to actually invite them to come to church with us. When we pray God moves. Right click and "save image as."


From the Lucas Family:

Protection - Pray for protection over us, our team, and all of our families.

Ethan & Cameron - Pray that our boys will grow, learn, and thrive in many ways during this indefinite stay-at-home order.

Students' Salvation - Our heart is still to reach the lost! There are unsaved students who are staying connected with us right now, and we're praying for God to capture their hearts!