GO2020 Prayer Requests

My5 Prayer Sheet



From the O'Conner Family:

1. We would love prays as we start our semester this week, that God would help us meet freshman and that we would be able to share the gospel with many of them this semester.

2. Also for the ongoing changes happening at the universities concerning covid, that God would allow us to fully trust Him for mighty things to happen on campus despite the challenges!

3. Personally we could use prays as we are expecting twins in December!

From the Fryer Family:

1. For our time in the U.S. that we will complete the work we need to do and fulfill all that God wants us to do while here.  

2. For our return to Vietnam at the end of August.  That permission will be granted to reenter the country for both of us and that we will have favor with quarantine. Currently, we cannot quarantine at home and that is the desirable place to quarantine.

3. Wisdom for Crosspoint as we have a good problem of now having no room in the current location (now have 4 counselors and two offices) and we need to have a solution after our return.

4. For the Lord's wisdom and anointing as we continue to minister to Vietnamese ministry couples while we are away from Hanoi.

5. For the couples God has allowed us to invest into. Pray with us for God's wisdom as we walk with them to overcome challenges and towards healing.