Outreach Prayer Requests

Prayer requests will be posted here as they come up.

  • The Adams family has three prayer requests for their ministry:
  • 1. Please pray for Brittany's Spanish acquisition. Brittany is a stay-at-home mom to raise their kids and teach them about the gospel as where they are at is intellectually hostile towards the gospel. Because of being home more it is hard to have the opportunity to really practice her Spanish. 
  • 2.  Please pray for Zach that he can create a deep relationship with one person that can be a confidant outside of Brittany. Please pray that one of his relationships grows deeper.
  •  3.  Please pray for the province of Catalunya, in which is where Barcelona is located. The people here want to become their own country and in 2017 officially declared independence. The central gov’t in Madrid said, “no that is illegal” and arrest the politicians who signed the document. They have been in jail two years and just got sentenced officially to 9-13 more years and the province erupted. There have been protests and some riots going on in the city as of late. We don’t feel like we are in danger because 97% of the protests are non-violent because the majority of the people here are pacifists. Nevertheless, we want people to discover real freedom and justice IN CHRIST.


  • The Fryer's have four prayer requests for their ministry:
  • 1.    Pray for God’s Wisdom as we develop marriage video blogs: that they would be easily applicable and culturally relevant. There is already an expressed need for them to be translated into other languages to reach other people groups.
  • 2.    Pray for health and safety (esp. in the increasing craziness of traffic in Hanoi.)
  • 3.    Pray for God’s direction as Crosspoint looks to hire other Christian counselors. The need in Hanoi continues to grow.
  • 4.    Pray for a number of our Vietnamese friends who need to take the next step.


  • Please pray that Steven Nowinski receives his visa to go to France by July 24th so he can leave on July 31st for Grenoble, France.   Prayer answered! Steven is now in France.


  • Pray that 2019 will be the most productive year ever for all the global and local ministries we support here at 2PC.