Outreach Prayer Requests

Prayer requests will be posted here as they come up.

  • Please pray that Steven Nowinski receives his visa to go to France by July 24th so he can leave on July 31st for Grenoble, France. 
  • Pray for the girls of Reclaim 13 as they try to walk through the journey of healing, as it is not an easy path. 
  • Additionally, please pray for the strength and hope that they need to keep going.
  • Pray for the workers of Reclaim13, that they go in each day with a heart open to do God's work and to work with the girls through him and for him instead of working from a place of the human mind.
  • Pray that the girls feel connected to God through the work that Reclaim13 is doing and through the worker's actions that they are able to feel God's love and support
  • Pray that the girls of Reclaim 13 come to know Christ in their hard and good times.
  • Pray for the girls of Reclaim 13 that haven't come to accept God as their savior, pray that they know him as such.
  • Pray that 2019 will be the most productive year ever for all the global and local ministries we support here at 2PC.