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Friday After Bootcamp

Congratulations. If you've hung with these workouts since July 24 you've completed 15 days of soul workouts. Developing a habit of reading God's word, interacting with it, praying about it and applying it to your life is one the most effective ways to see your faith in God grow. Here's one more to round out our after Bootcamp routine: GET AFTER IT!

Warm-Up: Take a few minutes today and bring what's on your heart to the Lord. Pray: "God help me to have an open heart and mind to be able to see where you are calling me and what you want me to do." Read Matthew 28:16-20.

Round 1: In verse 17 it says that some worshipped Him. Circle that phrase in your Bible. What are some things that would cause other people to say that you worship Jesus? What are some ways that others can be help you remember your identity in God when your life gets busy? Write these ideas down.

Round 2:  Verse 17 also says that some doubted. Underline that phrase in your Bible. What are some doubts that you are facing right now? Write them down. Sit quietly for 5 minutes and ask God to give you a confidence in Him that drowns out the doubts you have—ask the Holy Spirit to strengthen your faith.

Round 3:  For you personally, what are some ways that you can be consistent in your prayer life? How can you keep yourself accountable to always be growing? Write them down and ask a faithful friend if they would agree to be your accountability partner—helping each other stay consistent.

Burnout: Take a few minutes to set 2 goals for yourself about how you want to grow in your faith this upcoming school year. Write them down and tell a friend and one (or both) of your parents today so they can help you be accountable to these goals. It can sound like this: "Hey mom, so I've been doing these soul workouts for Bootcamp and today I set some goals to grow my faith this year. Can I tell you what they are?" Then tell them.

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Thursday After Bootcamp

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Last night was epic! Saying farewell to seniors and coaches is always hard but God has a great plan for each of us! Keep focused on building your faith—you can't go wrong with that.

Warm-Up: Read 2 Timothy 2:15 out loud and write it down. Pray: "God, help me to see what living as one approved looks like and help me to not be ashamed of my past."

Round 1: How could you study the Bible with someone else? Think of 3 people you could do a soul workout with and write their names in your journal.

Round 2: Life can get super crazy and distracting. Sit quietly for 3 minutes and focus on being still, not moving at all.

Round 3: Listen to "Lay it All Down" at this link: What do you need to lay down at the feet of Jesus?

Burnout: Do something today that makes your life simple. Don't be on your phone as much, go for a walk, spend some time just being still and quiet before God. Write about your experience.

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